How green are you?

How green are you?

Energy Rating Details
You see it everywhere but do you take any notice of it? It says something important but do you know what it means?
The European Union introduced a rating system for all electrical goods to tell the buyer how energy efficient the item is to run. Here is what WHICH? Magazine says about fridges and fridge freezers:

Fridge and freezer energy labels

Under EU legislation, every new fridge, freezer and fridge freezer sold in the UK must have an energy label that gives its energy rating. Since 1 July 2012, all new models must have a rating of A+, A++ or A+++. Retailers can still sell stocks of older models so you may still see A or B rated fridges or freezers in the shops.

This means that items rated A (the yellow band) to D (the red band) were rated before 2012. You can take it that this means that the older style of label does NOT comply with today’s energy rating which are much stricter.

Does this matter? Well, if you are concerned about the effect or the cost of wasted energy, it does. It also tells you about the contribution the appliance does to the environment.

So when you buy a Vitrifrigo Compressor minibar, A+++ or A++, you are not only going to save money but play your part in saving the environment.