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ARC Tableware

ARC international is one of the world’s leading makers of tableware and kitchen essentials. Innovation plays a massive part in today’s top quality products for hotels, restaurant and licensed trade; specially coated glass that withstands knocks, laser etched interior logos that add fizz to fizzy drinks or specially treated surfaces to beautiful cutlery that retain their sparkle for longer.

Flatware design moves with the times: innovative ways of presenting the canapés and titbits in a style so contemporary that each piece is a work of art in its own right.

Adding a corporate logo to glassware, flatware, cutlery and serviceware is all part of the service.



  • Edge Plus – Technology for a more comfortable rim and adding 50% more durability
  • Effervescence Plus – Glass technology that releases bubbles to entice the palate
  • Diamax – Lead free glass technology giving cut glass more clarity and glitter
  • Performance Nucleation – Laser cutting technology that stimulates the fizz in aerated or carbonated beverages
  • Head-on-it – A clever way to maintain a good head on a lager, for example
ARC glassware


  • Opal – Reinforced dinnerware that is 0% porous
  • Zenix – Special material to strengthen elegant dinnerware
  • Slide Control – An invisible silicone foot for stability and preventing slipping
ARC Flatware


  • High quality stainless steel – Extra toughened steel that comes with a ten-year guarantee
  • Arcos quality – Professional kitchen cutlery with a heritage that goes back to 1745
ARC cutlery


Arc Tableware
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