Terms of Sale

Terms & Conditions of Sale

Many hotels have their own means of sourcing everyday items. Some belong to a buying group of some description. A3 Solutions is an extension of those services supporting the hotels in whatever way is helpful or necessary.

Terms are agreed in advance and vary with the nature of the project and the way the hotel is accustomed to working with its suppliers. In other words, we are flexible. If applicable, a quotation of fees is submitted in advance for approval.

In certain circumstances where large sums of money are involved and there are no lines of credit, we may ask for an advance payment for the cost of the goods against a pro forma invoice. Any associated fees will be charged in arrears as normal. If the project requires intensive research we may also propose a search or finder’s fee which will be in addition to the price of the item(s).

Fees quoted will be mitigated by any discounts earned from our suppliers.

We request that all invoices are settled 30 days from the date of invoice